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Kerrimuir like you appreciates that water conservation and storage is becoming more important to us daily. Alarming dwindling water supplies threatening harsher water restrictions especially in Melbourne, Victoria means your choice of Kerrimuir's rainwater tank range will help you continue a water smart lifestyle well into the future.

At Kerrimuir Rainwater Products, we are driven by uncompromising product selection and back up service from every product we recommend. We as a company are very discerning with products we recommend and sell. You are assured of the best, for the price fitting your budget.

With our obligation free rainwater tank installation inspection and advice, you will be presented with ideas to maximize your rainwater harvesting effort. We will put forward the best water tank pump for your situation, within your budget. These are the fundamentals principles Kerrimuir holds steadfast.

Kerrimuir Rainwater Products® are professional rainwater tank and water tank pump people who adhere to best practices providing you real results when you buy and install a rainwater tank with us. We are not about leaving you clueless on how to get the best performance from your new water tank and rainwater pump. The trademark represents buying confidence knowing we deal in the best water tank brands, whether poly or corrugated steel and rain harvesting products you can rely on.

Our product line up include a huge range of rainwater tanks. Varying from size, dimensions and styles for every home setting. We also have made to measure steel Aquaplate water tanks to fit in unused areas or under decks water tank positions with restrictions either in height or floor space.

Services Kerrimuir provides includes obligation free consultation, designing a maximum roof harvesting surface for the planned water tanks, rainwater tank transport or freight, free phone rain water tank and water pump installation advisory service, logistics and timetable planning for rainwater tank installations using licensed plumbers and poly or plastic rainwater tank repairs.

Why Choose Kerrimuir Rain Water Tanks?

Kerrimuir has proven itself to be a well established company, supplying customers all over Victoria with quality products at an exceptional service whilst constantly maintaining the lowest prices. Our rain water tanks Melbourne are the cheapest you will find in Victoria. If not, find us a better price and we won't just match it, we'll beat it. In late 2012, the Kerrimuir website was purchased by ASC Water Tanks. ASC Water Tanks Melbourne have already been established for over five years, and in 2011, the company purchased M2 Greener Living Solutions. These amalgamations bring the customer a larger product range, better pricing through more volume buying, and exceptional service unparalleled in the market. Call us today on 1300 229 606.

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