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Tankmasta 5,000L Underground Donut 

Tankmasta’s Toroid Underground water tanks were designed after recognizing a need in the industry for an underground tank that is structurally strong, resistant to hydrostatic lift pressure and easy to install. Made from chemical resistant, food grade LLDPE resin, Toroids have been designed to withstand external forces with an S.G. of 2.1. The chemical resistance of the tank has a profound effect on the underground tank’s life span and maintaining hassle free water storage. The design of the Toroid shape gives the water tank’s their superior strength. The central void allows the tank to be incorporated into heavy duty situations.

The design of the Toroid underground water tanks shape gives the tank their superior strength. Heavy rib profile and a central void allow the surface load to be transferred away from the tank itself. So installations under driveways and garage floors are now possible.

  • Super strong construction
  • Low profile means minimum excavation
  • No necessity to use adjustable risers
  • Ingenious stainless steel self-cleaning 100mm in-line filter
  • Child safety bars incorporated into inlet
  • Lockable lid
  • Flat based sump for pump
  • Designed to fit into a 100mm concrete slab
  • Vehicle bearing due to unique central column design
  • Installation instructions link to soil types as stated in AS2870
  • Does not exceed Workcover’s 1.5 metre guidelines for working at depth
  • Allows a shallow slit trench, which minimises need for heavy equipment
  • Shallow excavations minimises the chances of hitting rock
  • Excavating only top soil minimises the need to remove soil from site.


Australian Standards Compliancy

  • ASNZS 4677 (int) – structure
  • AS1170.0 Design Structures
  • AS1597 Vertical Load
  • AS4020:2002 Drinking Water
  • AS2070 Parts 1 & 8
Capacity 5000 L
Length 3780mm
Width 2400mm
Inlet Height 1290mm
Total Height 1290mm


1 x 50mm female thread
Second Outlet 1 x 32mm female thread
Overflow 100mm @ 12 o'clock
Build Option Heavy Duty Master Assembly, Slave Assembly, Standard Master Assembly
Barrlel Filter 1 x 100mm barrel filter 
Manufacturer's Warranty 7 Years

















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