Tankmasta 3,000L Slimline Rain Water Tank


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Tankmasta 3,000L Slimline Rain Water Tank 

Viscount Rotational Mouldings Pty Ltd (VRM) has been providing product solutions to the Australian market for over 25 years. Specializing in the rotational and injection moulding processes, the Viscount group forms part of the global Linpac network with operations in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. VRM itself has manufacturing facilities in Carrum Downs, Victoria.

Your VISCOUNT Rotational Mouldings Pty Ltd TANKMASTA™ above ground water storage comes with a 10 year warranty against faulty workmanship and/or material fault, provided that installation is carried out in the correct method VISCOUNT cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for the preparation of tank sites or the installation of its products after delivery.


Slimline Water Tank Install preparation is essential to ensure a long and trouble-free life for your water tank.
A. Tank must be installed on a smooth, level reinforced concrete base. The base must be a minimum 100mm thick, 100mm longer and wider than diameter of tank. Remove sharp objects that may damage base of tank. Ensure that the soil base is suitably compacted before pouring the concrete.
B. Slimline tank must be installed adjacent to wall with 50mm clearance off wall. TANK MUST Not to be fixed to wall. MUST be freestanding. The tank should be placed in a position where it will not be subjected to heavy bumps or knocks.
C. Plumb from your down pipe using a First Flush Diverter / Leaf-eater “This should be used to remove any solids washed from your gutter that could contaminate your tank water” Then from the first flush into the top of the tank through the sunlight cover and into the tank bucket filter.
D. At the base of the rainwater tank screw in the correct size ball valve using Teflon plumbers tape to seal the thread. Connect your pump up to the ball valve on the tank using a minimum of 30cm of flexible suction hose and fittings. The flexible hose allows for expansion and contraction as the tank fills and empties.
E. Again using 90mm PVC pipe and bends, run from the rainwater tank overflow point down into the stormwater system where the old downpipe used to be connected. This may need to be altered to accommodate the 90mm round PVC pipe.


Capacity 3000 L
Length 2400mm
Width 780mm
Height 2200mm
Inlet  300mm at one end of tank
Outlet Size 1 x 1" pump outlet same side as inlet
Overflow 90mm same end as inlet
Acessories Supplied

300mm Inlet Strainer
300mm Strainer Cap
300mm Filter 
90mm Overflow 
25mm Ball Valve

Colours Available

Heritage Green
Heritage Red
Mountain Blue

Manufacturer's Warrant 10 Years
















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