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S-Line 2000L Slimline Rainwater Tank

Capacity 2000L
Height 2020mm
Length 2000mm
Width 620mm
Leaf Strainer Yes
Number of Outlets 4
Outlet Size 1 inch Brass
Overflow 90mm cut on site
Colours Available Standard Colorbond Colours
Manufacturer's Warranty 10 Years

Bianco RS5-JH8003PMPC20 

Model RS5-JH8003PMPC20
Power 800W
Flow Rate 80 litres / minute
Head Height 30 metres
Pump Style Submersible
Tap Guide 6 taps 
Outlet Size 1" inch
Pump Warranty 2 years
Approved for drinking water AS/NZS 4020


Bianco RS5-JH8003PMPC20 RainsaverMK5 Submersible Pump Package

The RAINSAVERMK5 is an Automatic Rainwater / Mains Water Changeover Device designed to provide automatic mains backup for Pressure Pump supply systems. The RAINSAVERMK5 is designed to be installed in conjunction with a Pressure Pump supply system that is fitted with an independent pressure and flow controller with loss of prime protection and 24 hour auto restart. No need for float switch.

Pressure System Pump Specifications BIA-JH8003PMPC20:

The pump is a submersible pressure system pump supplied wired and ready to install. The submersible pump is mounted inside the rain water tank for silent operation. Used especially for supplying water to domestic installations.

The pump is characterised by:

  • Automatic electronic pump control, plug and play
  • Automatic electronic control provides run dry protection and constant pressure at low flows. Automatic electronic control has built-in check valve and auto restart.
  • Corrosion resistant pump body, diffuser and impeller. Mechanical shaft seal.
  • 240V single phase TEFC motor with in-built auto reset thermal overload
  • 80LT/min Flow rate
  • 800W Power
  • 30m Head

RainsaverMK5 General Specifications:

  • Maximum water temperature (mains + pump): 40┬░ C
  • Maximum recommended continuous pump flow: 120 l/m
  • Maximum recommended mains inlet pressure or pump pressure: 1000 kPa
  • 2 year Rainsaver MK5 warranty, see installation and operating manual for details
  • WaterMark approved components AS/NZS 4020 Approved for Drinking Water


The RAINSAVERMK5 supplies clean rainwater from a rainwater tank via an automatic pressure system pump to toilets, laundry and garden taps in a household. Mains water is also connected to the RAINSAVERMK5 as an automatic back up should rain water level be too low, or if there is a power failure.


The RS5-JH8003PMPC20 Package: 

  • Bianco JH8003PMPC2 submersible pressure system pump with auto-restart pump controller
  • Bianco RAINSAVERMK5 automatic Rainwater / Mains Changeover Device
  • Bianco RAINSAVERMK5 to operate with mains pressure up to 1000 kPa (145 psi)
  • Suits pump flows to 100 litres per minute
  • Incorporates a 24 hour automatic pump restart
  • WaterMark approved components for connection to town water supplies. Safe against waterborne bacteria, dezincification and lead poisoning
  • Australian owned and designed
  • The pump regulates flow and pressure and protects itself against voltage fluctuations and loss of water
  • The Bianco RAINSAVERMK5 can operate without power and can be located any distance from the pump, and even inside the rain water tank

BIA-JH8003PMPC20 Electrical data:

  • Flow: 80LT/min
  • Head: 30m
  • Watts: 800W
  • Horse Power: 101 HP
  • Rated Voltage: 240V
  • Mains frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power output: 800W
  • Current: 4.0 amps
  • Capacitor: 16 uF
  • Motor duty: Continuous
  • Motor type: Asyncronous, TEFC
  • Motor protection: In-built thermal overload
  • Ingress protection: IP68
  • Insulation class: F
  • Power cable length: 10 m
  • Net weight: 5.3 kg


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