The following outlines the most frequently asked questions received by Kerrimuir about rainwater tanks. Perhaps the questions you may have, have been answered here. If not, please phone or e-mail your question and a prompt answer will be provided.

What are the storage capacities in litres for Kerrimuir's range of rain water tanks?

Kerrimuir's rainwater tank range covers slimline rainwater tanks and round water tanks with water storage capacities from 200 litres to 45,000 litres.

The most preferred rainwater tank size in the Kerrimuir range for residential use is the Precision Poly 3000L, Sealite 3090L or All Weather 3000L slimline models with water storage capacity of 3000 litres. Also very popular is the Sealite 5150L round tank. For super large tanks, we have Urban Poly's 26,000L or Tankmasta's 45,000L rural water tank.

Within its range of rainwater tanks Kerrimuir sells and endorses other quality water tank sizes by it's preferred supplier, Precision Poly, Sealite, Urban Poly, All Weather and Tankmasta. These rainwater tanks include slimline and round rainwater tank styles.

Kerrimuir can tailor a rainwater tank size to meet virtually any residential situation from townhouses or units to larger residential properties. It can also provide water tank storage solutions for industrial, office or farm use within its 200 to 45,000 litre rainwater tank capacity range.

Can I join more than one slimline water tanks together easily?

Yes, Kerrimuir's range of poly slimline or round rainwater tanks are designed to join with any number of its water tanks together in series to reach the desired water harvesting volumes you would like to maintain within the space you have available.

When joined together, they can be run along an unencumbered wall or fence with ease. Multiple rainwater tanks are installed and joined with common Vinidex plumbing pipe and Plasson compression fitting connectors. Your water tank installer simply drills out the plastic inside the sealed threaded 1 inch brass BSP outlet connectors and joins the second or more rainwater tanks without fuss.

Multiple rainwater tank storage volumes are appropriate should you commence using harvested non-drinking water to flush toilets or for other in-home non-drinking uses. Mains water to rainwater tank water Interchange devices like Precision Poly's interchange device or Davey Rainbank KRB 1, KRB 2 or KRB 3 toilet or/and laundry mains water/tank water interchange device.

Where can I locate water tanks on my property?

Large round rainwater tanks can pose an issue unless you have plentiful stable land to site them on. Size of these tanks range from 200 litres to 45,000 litres in the Kerrimuir Rainwater Products range. In most metropolitan or rural residential locations land is at a premium. Slim water tanks have been designed to optimise the space with smaller dimensions and small footprint used in such situations. However large round tanks are required if water is used for a large garden or vegetable patch which is increasing popular in urban areas due to high green grocery prices of late

Kerrimuir Rainwater Products' range of slimline rainwater tanks space saving designs features a relatively small footprint for their capacity. This allows for its water tanks to be located against a wall of a domestic residence or against a fence adjacent to such a residence. Often rainwater tanks are located on the blindside of a house close to the location of hot water and central heating services.

How much rainwater can I collect from my roof?

The most important consideration is the roof surface area feeding into downpipe/s at your home. If a one side of your home's surface area has two downpipes going into the stormwater then diverting both downpipes will give you close to 50% of your total roof surface area.

Considering the average three bedroom home has an average of 180 square metres of roof area, then 95 sqm of roof area could give you as much as 95 litres of water per 1mm of rain. Times that with 30mm of monthly rain giving a total of 2850 litres from that small surface area

For every mm of rain, 1 square metre of roof surface gives you 1 litre. The final water volume entering your rainwater tank is then dependent on the number of spouting downpipes that join your roof area run off to your water tank. Given average monthly rainfall of 20mm to 50mm dependent on location, we can expect between 1900 to 4750 litres.

Do I need a licensed plumber or Green Plumber to install a rainwater tank?

Please check you local council's bylaws and regulation guidelines in relation to rainwater tank installation. Check this detail carefully with the appropriate authorities in your area.

Should your research show that you do not need a plumber to connect your rainwater tank overflow to the property's stormwater system then you may feel qualified to install your water tank yourself.

In these circumstances, please refer to Warranty Terms and Conditions in this website.

How long can I store rainwater in my water tank?

In urban built up areas, it is recommended you do not keep rainwater in water tanks for too long preferring you use the harvested water as you go.

A working rule of thumb is not to leave the tank water stagnant and exposed to too much sunlight. Rainwater harvested from your roof is not drinkable and is not potable water.

There may be bird droppings or other organic matter and pathogens that can get through the leaf strainer. Kerrimuir rain water tanks provides you quality mesh wire leaf strainers but this is not enough to filter out micro-organisms.

Water stored in rainwater tanks for long periods is vulnerable to contamination by Cyanobacteria commonly known as Blue-green algae. These algae are naturally occurring. With sunlight going through some thin walled water tanks photosynthesis in the plastic water tank can occur. Adding contaminated elements with phosphorus and nitrogen from your roof, the water in the rainwater tank gets an algae bloom.

You will know when this occurs as the water begins to smell and a green scum may appear on the surface. This problem is not very common but happens. It is therefore wise to use the tank water frequently and minimize the risk of bacterial growth and lower rainwater tank maintenance.

However, in country regions where pollution and airborne contaminants post a lower risk and most importantly tank water is the only source of water. With proper rain water tank filtration systems like a 5 or 6 stage Reverse Osmosis System, you should be able to drink filtered water from a rainwater tank.

Other forms of bacteria control in water include the use of ultraviolet light. It is well documented ultraviolet light water treatment disinfects water containing many forms of bacteria and viruses but does not affect Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium cyst. More information can be obtained from the Australian Waterlines website.

Please get professional advice on water treatment filters if you are going to drink specifically filtered water from any rainwater tank.

Another form of water treatment to reduce or remove contaminated water is by adding additives like Acquasafe which is a liquid disinfectant to kill off virtually all forms of bacteria or viruses. It will make it virtually safe to drink from your rainwater tank for up to 2 months.

Can I drink the rainwater harvested in a Kerrimuir's range of slimline or round water tanks?

Drinking collected water from a rainwater tank is not recommended unless appropriate water treatment and filtering is undertaken to ensure the water quality meets the requirements for human consumption. See the entry above.

Can I use harvested rainwater to flush toilets or use in a washing machine?

Yes. Harvested rainwater can be used for these purposes. However, connection of harvested water to flush toilets and for laundry use are quite recent developments enabled by Water Mark and Australian Standards certified tank water/mains water interchange devices.

Given legislated State Government water restrictions currently still at Stage 3a with real risk of moving on to Stage 4. Water usage and consumption have been and will continue to be more restrictive when considering rainfall patterns, global warming and population growth. Water restriction in one form or another seem to be here to stay, it is a reasonable assumption that harvested rainwater will increasingly be used for domestic, workplace and other non-garden related uses.

Can I install the tank myself?

Kerrimuir recommends its rainwater tanks installation be installed by a licensed plumber. This ensures all warranty provisions are maintained should manufacturing or installation defect occur with your rainwater tank. However self-installation does not automatically void your water tank warranty.

Some basic essentials are the rainwater tank must be installed on a level concrete pad or compacted gravel base--Lilydale Toppings, crusher dust or equivalent. Safety is very important to all of us. Installations should consider the weight of a filled rainwater tank as 1 litre equals to 1 kilogram.

Similarly it is important that you hand tighten the outlet points--using multigrips tools may damage your rainwater tank and such damage will not be covered under the warranty.

Drilling into the rainwater tank to attach devices or other items may also void the warranty. Drilling into the top of the rainwater tank to install a water level gauge is permitted. Please check Kerrimuir's guidelines in the Warranty section of this website.

If you are unsure about installing the rainwater tank yourself please call a Kerrimuir representative or seek advice from a licensed plumber.

Can Installation be arranged?

Yes, Kerrimuir can arrange for a licensed plumber or Green Plumbers to install your rainwater tank for a trouble free connection. Licensed plumbers are qualified to handle guttering, stormwater and mains water systems.

Do these water tanks meet Australian Standards?

Kerrimuir Rainwater Products range of plastic or poly rainwater tanks are manufactured to the requirements set out in Standards Australia Rainwater Tank Design and Installation Handbook HB 230-2006 and complies with AS 2070 and AS/NZS 4766.

What warranty periods do manufacturers give?

All quality products we deal with comes with manufacturer's warranty from 10 to 25 years. If there is an issue please contact us and we will pass the information on to get the warranty obligations fulfilled.

What colours do they come in?

Most manufacturers in the Kerrimuir range comes in 24 colours, while some are limited like the All Weather or Tankmasta range of slimline and large urban to rural water tanks

Is there any rainwater tank maintenance required?

With all large or small rainwater tanks available today, sediment and other waste materials will enter the rainwater tank carried in through the harvested water. This is true even if you use first flush diverters and other various forms of filtration of water entering your rainwater tank.

The sediment and other materials will settle at the bottom of the water tank called the anaerobic zone. Relevant authorities recommend you flush and clean your rainwater tank every two years. This is a relatively simple process.

Are rebates available from installation of rainwater tanks?

The maximum rebate available from the Victorian State Government is achieved by connecting a rainwater tank to the laundry and toilet system in your home. This requires a minimum rainwater storage capacity of 5,000 litres or more. Once the water tank installation is completed, the rebate is $1,000. Additional $500 from the Federal Government is available if tank water in plumbed into the home.

Can delivery be arranged?

Yes. Kerrimuir has an in-house rainwater tank delivery servicing Victoria to help you reduce the cost of delivery. Our rates are well below standard delivery rates. Please contact Kerrimuir for a quotation.

Can I pick up the rainwater tank with my own vehicle or trailer?

Yes, you can pick up the rainwater tanks from our warehouse located at Unit 7, 56 Norcal Rd, Nunawading 3131. Please contact a Kerrimuir representative to confirm the order so we can process a Tax Invoice for you before pick up.

What else can Kerrimuir Rainwater Products supply to improve the performance of the installed tank?

Kerrimuir uses and endorses branded and proven products we carry. AL-KO the German brand water pump are our biggest and most trusted pump. With long solid warranties and engineering from Germany, you can surely expect quality performance and reliability like all other products we carry in our range.

For new homes or for those who are thinking of using rainwater to flush toilets or using it for laundry, it is essential to have water interchange devices, which are Water Mark certified and built to Australian Standards.

Can I save money on my water bills if I install rainwater tanks?

Water prices are comparatively low in Australia relative to the rest of the world. However with climate change, reduced rainfall and dam storage capacities at the lowest they have been in near history, it seems the cost of water must rise in the future as Governments invest substantial funds in new water provision technologies.

The less you are dependent upon mains water for your total water supply, the less vulnerable you will be to the likely increase in rises in water supply prices.

Installation of rainwater tanks will assist to lower your water usage cost but equally it will allow you the choice of water use outside of water restriction limitations that seem now to be with us well into the future.

Finally, lets not forget as you reduce your dependency on mains water, you leave more water to meet the needs of essential services, which help many others in the community.

Is the value of my home increased or decreased from the installation of one or more rainwater tanks?

The value of a home in any given location can be determined by a combination of many aspects. Key determinants include the nature of the home itself including its design, period, style, its age and whether the facilities it provides are well maintained and current.

Another important "value" aspect is whether the home enjoys a small, medium or large garden within its precinct. If such a garden is run down through lack of watering, it will impact negatively on the overall property value. If the garden provides a look of lushness and good health, the real estate professionals state such gardens add significantly to achieving the best possible property values at sale.

To the extend that the installation of rainwater tanks is the reason for the lush garden and its preservation, these water tanks add value to a property which most agree is well in excess of the cost of their installation.

How does me buying a rainwater tank help the country recover from such a long period of drought?

We all have a responsibility to take care of our environment. Rainwater tanks do help reinstate our water-parched country.

Even if we get rain to fill the dams in the next few years, which is quite doubtful, we need to help our reservoirs replenish themselves and give this beautiful country a great future for everybody most importantly our children. Less than 1% of the world's water is potable and we are losing fraction by fraction of that everyday.

One important reason Kerrimuir came into being was the recognition that vital water supplies were dwindling at an alarming rate--which they still are, year after year. Action is needed to bring Australians water tanks and rainwater related products that will fit within their budget. We at Kerrimuir understand making the decision to spend money on a rainwater tank is not an easy one for many. This is why we keep our quality products at the lowest price possible and to provide valuable advice for the best result once you have decided to invest in a rainwater tank.

What sets Kerrimuir's range of slimline and round water tanks apart from other water tanks?

Branded water tanks we carry like Sealite, Precision Poly, Urban Poly, Supatank and All Weather Tanks are water tanks is created from top quality materials like Rothadene and Cotene. Raw materials used are virgin high quality Low Linear Density PolyEthylene that are ultraviolet stabilized to UV20 standards. This means your rain water tank or round rainwater tank will last you many years into the future without hardening or cracking.

Besides this, most use the lastest rotomoulding technologies to achieve high standards in water tank production, achieving Benchmark Certification, like the All Weather Tanks and Urban Poly Tanks. Sealite is a certified ISO9001 company which uses state of the art rotomoulding ovens to make round tanks. That is benchmark for others to follow.

Having reliable, strong and aesthetically pleasing rainwater tank design features are factors worthy of consideration in purchasing any one of Kerrimuir Rainwater Products' range of slim and round water tanks.

Are Kerrimuir's slimline and round water tanks recyclable?

Yes. LLDPE/Food Grade Plastics are friendly to the environment. Most plastic or poly rainwater tanks are 100% recyclable at the end of their use.

Where can I buy a Kerrimuir water tank?

Kerrimuir Rainwater Products® is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. You can choose to order or book online. You can also make an appointment to visit our warehouse in Nunawading, Victoria 3131, Australia. With our friendly advisory service buying a rainwater tank, may it be a slimline or round rainwater tank and rainwater tank accessories will be an easy and pleasant experience.

Does Kerrimuir provide other rainwater tank services?

Kerrimuir Rainwater Products provides water tank services in relation to rainwater harvesting besides supplying rainwater tanks and rainwater products. We can offer you obligation free rainwater harvesting consultation in your home--providing you answers you may need to make an informed decision about the right rainwater tank for the right location to maximize the amount of rainwater you may be able to harvest. While most installers will find the closest downpipe or an "ideal" location in terms of aesthetics, we will inspect and offer suggestions for optimum rainwater harvesting result to give you a water tank that's filled most times instead of one that's constantly out of water. Kerrimuir suggest you spending on pipes and the right installation over paying too much for a water tank and saving on professional installation.

We also offer rainwater tank transport and delivery of Kerrimuir's range of slimline or larger round rainwater tanks besides specialized products for unique situations in terms of space or location. Kerrimuir's in-house delivery service covers metro Melbourne and inner regional Victoria.

What if I have a question not listed here?

We would be more than happy to answer any other questions you may still have.

Submitting a query or ordering online has never been easier-fill in your contact details in this webpage and we will address any matters of interest as prompt as possible.

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